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Meet the Team


Dave Knoll

Founding Partner

Dave is one of the founding partners of EOS, and has been working full-time at the Cheyenne Street office since March of 2016. He manages the Cheyenne Street office and is a DOT certified drug and alcohol collector.


Dave’s background in industry and construction puts him on a comfortable level with the clientele seen each day. He is also quite instrumentalal in helping Kat develop functional testing set-ups for WorkSTEPS specialized physicals. Kat calls him McGiver, because he can figure out how to fix just about anything.


He and Kat have 3 sons, and 5 grandchildren that he adores. His favorite pastime outside of work is fishing, which he never seems to do enough of. So, he has now taken up leather crafting. You may find him playing with that when you come into the office!

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