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Our Clinic

Employee On-Boarding helps businesses keep their workforces healthy by offering a wide range of primary care and wellness services.  Our downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming wellness clinic is open to all employees, dependents, and applicable contractors who are employed with EOS partners.


Friendly and inclusive, our clinic team works hard to deliver care experiences that are impactful, educational, and enriching, We spend meaningful time with every visitor who walks through our door, and we strive to build real connections with each patient we see. Our approach empowers our community to take charge of their health - and it leads to better outcomes for our members and for the organizations we proudly serve.

The Wellness Clinic is located at our downtown office: 219 E. 20th St., Suite #300 Cheyenne, WY 82001


How it Works

Become a Partner

We give forward-thinking employers the tools they need to provide basic care and wellness services to employees. Our plans are affordable, easy to manage, and easy to use -and they are a great fit for small businesses that don't have the ability to offer insurance plans.

Enjoy Benefits

Our clinic is popular for a reason. We employ a robust central support center, demonstrate a strong commitment to improving patient health, and work to ensure employers experience substantial population health improvements.

Care for Your Team

Welcoming and accessible, our clinic provides your team with health guidance and care focused on prevention, intervention, and overall wellness. We help your population take a proactive approach to health - which lessens issues in the short and long term.

Promote Wellness

We promote wellness-based lifestyles that make sense for your workforce and your industry. Our education-first approach helps employees stay connected to their health - which shifts the focus from reactive to proactive care.

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What We Offer

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and inclusive care experience. Every time you visit our clinic you will find a team that is interested in you, invested in your goals, and dedicated to supporting your health.

Our registered nurses and healthcare professionals keep community members moving, promote wellness, and give visitors the information and resources they need to enjoy healthy, well-balanced lives.

General Physicals
Weight Management
Lifestyle Changes
Respiratory Health
Health Education
Fitness Counseling
Women’s Health
Blood Pressure Management

Get Started

Get in touch with the Employee On-Boarding Team to learn more about one of the clinic's corporate memberships.

Are you a new or returning patient? Please contact our office to schedule your next appointment.

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