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Drug & Alcohol Testing

How We Help

EOS offers drug and alcohol testing either on location or in our office, as appropriate for the situation. This means that if there is an accident or injury, your employee can be tested quickly and efficiently, instead of hours or even days later, potentially saving companies large sums monitarilly or extended litigation. We have two 24 hour numbers for you to call after hours as needed for post-accident testing.

We are able to test for the presence of drugs or alcohol via breath, saliva, urine, or hair samples. We can recommend the correct test depending on your needs.

About Drug & Alcohol Testing

Web Based Drug Screening Solutions

EOS offers web-based drug screening solutions with electronic results reporting using FormFox and eScreen. The electronic process allows for a faster receipt of documents required by the laboratory to complete the test.

Saliva & Rapid Drug Screening

Saliva testing is used when the employer is wanting to know an employee has used a drug within hours of the test. This test is especially relevant to those companies located near states that have legalized marijuana laws. Since marijuana can show up in the urine for up to 11 weeks, saliva testing can identify recent use as well. 


Urine based rapid screens return a result within 5 minutes, and identify drug used within  days of the test. A positive result on a rapid test may be sent to the laboratory to confirm the positive result. The designated employee representative (DER) would be notified of the presumptive positive and will make the decision to confirm with a lab test or not.

Urine Based Collections

EOS follows DOT specifications for all urine collection, whether DOT related or not. Depending on the drug being tested for, and the quantity of abuse, positives can show up in urine testing for days or even weeks after use. 

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle testing can identify drug use over a three month time period as the drug metabolites are deposited in the hair as it grows. For employers wanting to ensure the employee maintains a drug free life style, this test is the most efficient. However, any drug use over the week of the test is missed in this testing. We recommend a urine test for more recent use.

Alcohol Detection

Our digital Drager Breath Alcohol Testing devices are able to detect alcohol in the breath, and are not sensitive to body alcohols (ketoacidosis). The result of this BAT test relates exactly to the amount of alcohol found in the blood stream of the person tested at that time. The confirmation test, if positive, holds as the final result, and will stand up in court. Any employee found to be positive for alcohol at .020% or above will NOT be allowed to leave without another person to drive them home or back to the place of employment. The DER is notified immediately of any positive results.

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