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Electronic Results Reporting

How We Help

Through FromFox and eScreen, EOS is able to offer on-line test reporting. Using electronic chain of custodies, a company can send their employee into our office for testing when a physical chain of custody is not available.


Rapid screens can be performed as well, with test results posted within minutes of the test being done. There is no additional fee for on-line services.

About The Reporting

Certified Results

Both FormFox and eScreen certified systems provide electronic results that carry the same weight as traditional reporting methods. DOT approval was received in 2017 for both these systems to be used for DOT collections as well.

Fast Reporting

Using FormFox, customers needing rapid screen testing are also able to gain even faster reporting of those NEGATIVE results by use of these systems. Electronic results are posted on-line as soon as the test is done, allowing almost immediate access to employers. No need to wait days to receive paper results via mail or courier.


Once a test has been done in FormFox or eScreen, whether the test goes to the lab or a rapid screen was done, all results are then posted to the employer's account, and immediately accessible to them. This allows for employers to see results as quickly as possible. 

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