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Standard Health Physicals

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Employers can send prospective employees to our E. 20th Street location for traditional health and wellness physicals, DOT physicals, Physical Abilities Testing, or WorkSTEPS testing.


EOS does not handle urgent care, which allows us to focus only on the employer's needs. Physical abilities testing and WorkSTEPS physicals do require an appointment. All other physicals are on a walk-in basis. Wait time is reduced tremendously, getting the employee back on the job quickly.

About The Physicals

DOT (Department of Transportation)

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles are required to have a specialized DOT physical at least every 24 months, but may be required to have one more often.  This DOT physical must be completed by a licensed medical professional who is certified to perform this exam. All of our providers are DOT certified to perform these exams.


EOS offers DOT physicals without appointment on a walk-in basis. Because our office does not see sick patients, your employees will not be in a busy waiting room surrounded by the virus of the week!  This not only reduces wait time, but the chance of your employee being out later with an illness.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness physicals are the traditional medical physical you may be familiar with. They will include a medical history, and may include examination of scars or skin irregularities, lymph nodes, ears, eyes, head, mouth, and throat, among other areas as necessary.

Physical Ability

Physical ability physicals can be tailored to each employee's job requirements, and can be used to determine whether a new or potential employee will be able to perform specific tasks, such as lifting, stacking, and rolling carts. 
The candidate would be instructed on safe technique in the performance of each task. This testing may also identify weaknesses, or unsafe practice in the process of completing the tasks performed. Those weaknesses or unsafe practices would be noted in report to employer.

Physical ability tests can also be used to determine whether an employee is able to return to work after an injury, medical procedure, or other incident.


The WorkSTEPS Employment Testing Program was developed originally by a physical therapists over a decade ago to effectively reduce workplace injuries. The use of WorkSTEPS placement physicals can save employers as much as 80% in first-year injury costs. It also conforms to EEOC guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Collection and interpretation of specific data using stringent medical and scientific protocols allows the employer to match an employee with a job which they will be capable of performing successfully, reducing workplace injury and decreasing employee turnover.
WorkSTEPS Employment Testing physicals are modeled specifically for the employee's job and duties. The first process is a complete job analysis which then identifies job-specific tasks that the employee would perform multiple times each day.


After a person has been identified as a candidate for a specific job, employers send the candidate to be tested using WorkSTEPS stringent criteria that includes complete medical history taken, cardiovascular testing, musculoskeletal exam, complete range of motion measurements, dynamic lifting, and the job-specific tasks that were identified in the analysis. The end result shows whether this candidate is capable of doing that job safely, or not.

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