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Pulmonary Function Testing

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The employee blows into a mouthpiece multiple times to allow the spyrometer to calculate his or her lung capacity and condition. This test can identify an otherwise unidentified lung condition, or a significant obstruction of the lungs.


A person found to have this type of condition will need to obtain a doctor's evaluation before being allowed to don a respirator mask for job-related testing. OSHA requires this testing for all smokers along with anyone having a significant history of heart or lung problems. 

About PFT

What is Pulmonary Function Testing?

A spirometry test looks at basic lung function, establishing a baseline and can identify problems with the pulmonary system. Pulmonary testing is required by OSHA before fit testing of any full-face respirator, and for anyone with certain health conditions, as well as all smokers, no matter what type of respirator they are using. We have to make sure the lungs are functioning correctly before wearing a respirator can be allowed. By design, a respirator places a small amount of resistance on the ability to breath. The PFT allows us to confirm the person's ability to breath through that resistance without dropping the air intake to dangerous levels.

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