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Respiratory Fit Testing

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OSHA requires Respiratory Fit Testing to be done for any employee that may be required to don a respirator mask as part of their job requirements.


Previous to the Fit Test, an OSHA Respirator Questionnaire is required (additional charge), which gives the practitioner information regarding the person's previous health conditions that might effect their ability to safely wear the respirator.

About Respiratory Fit Testing

What is Respiratory Fit Testing?

Respiratory Fit Testing is used to assure that an employee with the requirement of wearing a respirator on the job has been properly trained on efficient use of a mask, including instruction for maintaining a proper fit, proper maintenance of respirator, and timely filter replacement.


Previous to the fit test, OSHA requires a health questionnaire to be filled out, and under certain conditions, a pulmonary function test is performed before a person may be fit tested. See OSHA Questionnaire for details.

Quantitative Fit Testing

Quantitative fit testing electronically measures the amount of contaminant that enters the respirator and is not subjective to the person being tested. The machine compares ambient particles in the room to the number of particles found inside the mask after being on for 5 minutes. If the mask is properly fitted, the fit factor will be above 100 for a half-face mask, and above 500 for a full-face mask.

Qualitative Fit Testing

Our office no longer performs qualitative fit testing due to the subjectiveness and inaccuracy of this testing process. 

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