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TPA / Consortium Services

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Third-Party Administration, also known as Consortium Services, implements and administrates a random drug and alcohol testing program for other companies. Depending on the number of employees in your facility, you may need an individual pool, or be combined with other smaller companies in a larger pool. Consortium Services allow your company to institute and enforce a drug abuse policy that is efficient and cost-effective. DOT now requires all employers of DOT workers to belong to a Consortium Service, thus taking away the possibility of unfair practices in random selections.

EOS does most of the work involved in maintaining a confidential database of all drug testing performed, including Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Cause/Suspicion, Post-Accident, Return-to-Duty, and Follow-Up testing. We are responsible for making random selections for testing to be done in the future, and assuring the number of tests being done complies with the required percentage for applicable DOT agency. EOS is also responsible for reporting results to employers within 24 hours of having received the result, immediately if the result is positive. Twice a year, a MIS report is sent to each employer detailing the total numbers of each category of testing done, total number of persons in the database for that period, and listing positives by drug. We take the record keeping and reporting out of your hands.


EOS can provide testing either at either of our two offices, or on-site if the need exists. EOS handles results reporting in a timely manner, and can even provide a consortium pool suitable for your needs. 

About Consortium Services

When should I have my employees screened?


  • Pre-employment or Post-offer acceptance

  • Randomly, as required or recommended

  • When there is reasonable suspicion of drug use

  • After a work-related accident or injury

  • Prior to returning to duty after an extended absence or positive result

  • Follow-Ups for returning positives according to SAP recommendations.

Small Companies (25 or less employees)

Your smaller number of employees is added to a pool with other small companies, making a larger pool to work from. The percentage of testing required by DOT is spread over the larger numbers in the pool; testing frequency is reduced by numbers involved as the pool grows.

Large Companies (25 or more employees)

Larger companies will be placed in their own pool, with all testing applied to the rate of testing consistent with DOT standards for that industry. A database is maintained containing all testing information for that pool, allowing quick access to necessary information as needed.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

EOS will help you set up the drug and alcohol policy that meets your needs. Statistics prove that having a functional drug & alcohol testing program makes for a safer work environment, encouraging greater company loyalty. Wyoming offers discounts to employers having a qualifying drug & alcohol policy in place. Talk to us about how to qualify.

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