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Incorporated in June of 1991, the WorkSTEPS Functional Employment Testing Program was developed to reduce workplace injury incidence. Since its inception, WorkSTEPS has reduced the cost of workplace injury, saving employers as much as 80% in Workman’s Compensation costs. The Network consists of 400 occupational medicine physicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists with Providers located in 39 states across the nation. 

Employee On-Boarding Specialties, LLC joined this network in April of 2014, becoming exclusive to this area, and have been serving Cheyenne employers ever since. Our customers vary from gas and oil industry companies to construction companies. Through our private practice, we collect and interpret employee data using stringent medical and scientific guidelines. This allows us to match the physical demands of the specific job to the physical capabilities of the employee, which reduces injury incidence on the job, and decreases employee turnover.

About Worksteps Physicals

Job Analysis

The WorkSTEPS program starts with a thorough Job Analysis, which can be completed by either an industry ergonomist/industrial engineer, or by WorkSTEPS representatives.


This job analysis information is used to develop a list of essential functional components specific to that job, which are then used for the Employment Testing process.​​

Post-Offer Employment Testing

The WorkSTEPS program is dependent upon our collection of important data, including pre-existing condition data recorded at the time of the test. The Employment Test not only gives us information about the employee’s previous injury history and health history, but also tests their physical abilities at the time of the test.


Functional measurements are taken of musculoskeletal abilities (i.e. range of motion, strength, posture, and joint integrity); cardiovascular capacity; strength evaluation of spinal motion, rotational movement, and flexion; and risk for over-use for the specific job (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome). Weaknesses in any of these areas, as well as job specific weaknesses are identified at this time. All of this data is entered into the WorkSTEPS database, allowing for future reference in case a Workman’s Comp claim is made.


A significant finding during this physical can lead to a withdrawal of the offer of employment, but can otherwise be used to establish a baseline for that employee should litigation regarding an injury occur. The WorkSTEPS Test also assists in eliminating the possibility of fraudulent claims, establishing a basis for legitimately controlling actual claims. The methods used in our testing process have been tested in court, saving those companies large amounts in claims paid.

Fit-For-Duty Physical Capacity Testing

After an employee has had an injury, whether job related or otherwise, you want to confirm that they are, in fact, fit-for-duty previous to placing them on the job and in harm’s way.


The WorkSTEPS Fit-For-Duty Testing confirms they have been released by their physician for whatever the issue was, and that they are actually able to perform the tasks required by their specific job before being allowed back on the job site. This prevents someone from trying to get clearance to go back to work before they really should, and prevents them from being reinjured by performing tasks likely to reinjure them. 

The WorkSTEPS Model

This program is truly unique in that its reduction of injury incidence and costs is substantially documented. While starting into a WorkSTEPS program may sound costly, that additional cost is quickly recovered in a lower on the job injury rate, and a lower rate of turnover. Persons are matched to the job they can safely perform, and are more likely to stay once hired.

Statistics prove that the best way to treat any injury or illness is to prevent it from occurring to begin with. This model has been proven to reduce workplace injury by as much as 50% in the first year of its implementation. Used along with a proper safety policies, wellness programs, specialized ergonomics, and conditioning, there is no limit to how safe your employees will feel. An employee that feels the company cares about his safety and welfare will be a long-term employee. View the use of WorkSTEPS as an investment in finding the best employees for the job, rather than as an expense.

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