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Fear of Needles?

As much as 10 percent of people suffer from a phobia called trypanophobia, which is a fear of needles and injections. Are you one of those people who get nervous and scared when you go to the doctor for shots or lab work?

As a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist, one of their many jobs is drawing blood or giving shots. It is very important to keep the person comfortable and calm during these times.

There are several ways to do this, from a patient stand point. Some things that may help are: counting to yourself, closing your eyes and take deep slow breathes, try to relax and not tense up, as well as asking questions and keeping the conversation going smoothly.

Once people become over anxious, issues start to arise that may prolong the process. If someone were to come in and pass out on the floor or in a chair or perhaps get sick, the procedure may have to be rescheduled. Keeping others relaxed, calm, and comfortable is an important task. Making sure of the patient’s safety is a key component.

How bad does that needle really hurt?

When you get a shot or a blood draw there is a slight pinch pain that goes along with it, sometimes even a small burning if a medication is given. Most of the pain people feel is physiological or believed, but not necessarily the true action felt. A shot normally takes about 10 seconds where as a blood draw, when done correctly, is typically done in about a minute.

The one thing you never want to do when getting a shot or having blood drown is to tense up. When you tense up, your muscles tighten, which makes it harder for the medication to be administered, which can cause bruising and if done while having blood drawn can make it harder for the blood to be taken and can result in a longer draw time. Or it can result in this:

“AHHHH! Ouch that hurts!!”

“I haven’t administered the shot yet, please relax.”

If you or someone you know has done this, you may not realize the discomfort you have added to the situation. Being able to control your own feelings and actions can be a true benefit for the process. Just keep things in perspective and be aware of your surroundings.

This would be the most helpful aspect that you can contribute to your visit. All of us at Employee On-Boarding Specialties are trained and will help you through those times of stress. If you come to us for a blood draw or a vaccine shot, we will keep you calm and get the job done in flash.

And we might even give you a lolly pop afterwards.

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